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Once upon an time, there was a story of history. Mr. && Ms. Kotaks are in an epic journey across human timeline to accomplish the most labourous task: delivering. They are destined to walk together, jump together, fall together and finally, die together. Whenever they finish a task, they'll die and reincarnate in more advanced age. However, if they fail to deliver, they'll be stomped by mysterious force and be time lapsed before the failure happen. Will they survive the epoch? Or will the mysterious stomper be victorious? It is up to you.




Mr. Kotaks & Mrs. Kotak

Left/Right or Right Analog : Move

GamePad Button 1 : Jump



Mr. Kotaks

A/D : Move

W : Jump

Mrs. Kotaks

J/L : Move

I : Jump

Play with your friends! Discover the madness, sadness and glory of delivery!